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COVID-19 Testing, Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

Leave the testing, disinfecting and sanitizing to us!  We provide onsite, mobile and concierge testing services including rapid antigen or PCR testing. Our crews include certified COVID Compliance Officers, are WHO certified, follow EPA and CDC guidelines, and are ready to work on site with you to keep your high-touch, high-traffic areas and production zones disinfected and sanitized.

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N95s, KN95s, 3-Ply, Reusable


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Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers, Gel & Liquid Sanitizer

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Disinfectant, Wipes, Soap, Foggers

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Gowns, Shoe Covers, Goggles, Face Shields

COVID-19 Safety Equipment

Touchless Thermometers, Dispensers, Sinks

6 Foot Apart Folding Chairs in COVID Testing Waiting Area on Set
Set Check In Waiting Area with Socially Distanced Chairs
COVID Testing Area on Set
COVID Testing Waiting Area on Set
COVID Check In On Set
COVID Testing Area on Set

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Community Attire is committed to helping you protect your cast and crew to make everyone feel safer on and off set. Our safety expendables are perfect for helping achieve the level of set safety and protection your studios require. No more shutdowns. No more delays. Community Attire can help you to keep bringing magic to everyone’s heart and home.

Download our handy product one-sheet with some of the most commonly used expendables to help keep your set safe and productions running.